Ecole d’Architecture de La Réunion



Created in 1988 at the initiative of local authorities and the state, the antenna of the ENSAM in Reunion Island is the only francophone school of architecture present in oversea.

It is also the only European architecture of educational institutions represented in the tropical zone.

As such, it is concerned with the living conditions of the majority of the world population; it can be the new expressions from the South relay, search spaces and experimentation by alternatives to dominant models from the North.

The structure

The Reunion branch of the National School of Architecture of Montpellier shares since January 2003 with the School of Art of the meeting a representative building located in the city of Port, a distance of about 20 km from Saint-Denis Of the reunion.

Located on the third level of the main building the antenna has a project room, two classrooms and the offices of the administration who have an office for administrative staff and reception, office manager of the establishment and the staff room.

The antenna also shared with the School of Art a documentation center and a computer graphics room. The antenna was able to increase its premises in 2012 on surfaces redeployed by the School of Art Reunion, passing its own areas of 397 m2 to 602 m2, a covered ratio of 3.4 m2 / student 5.14 m2 / student, off-premises shared with ESA-R ..


Angle des rues du 20 décembre 1848 et de Cherbourg
BP 306
97827 Le Port cedex
9h00-12h00 / 14h00-17h00
02 62 45 71 70  

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